Purifying Systems Automation

Fresh water and waste water purifying facilities’ automation, all onsite processes are performed automatically and manually. Purifying facilities are controlled via computer or operator panel with industrial control system, and all facility metrics and values are reported and may be monitored graphically. Also via IP address over Internet, facility can be monitored and controlled from anywhere worldwide.

It is the unit into which, data are collected from field sensors of temperature, pressure, pH as well as switches and other field elements. RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) and PLC units are used for this unit. These units collect the signals of field elements and operate the facility according to operating conditions. They transfer information to computer and operator panels simultaneously. Therefore, it can be monitored and controlled from a single center. Also water quality, required quality limits of water, etc. can be monitored and defined within the system.


Advantages of RTU/PLC System

  • • Low footprint on panel
  • • Operating in dusty, hot, vibrated, humidified, noisy, liquid and other adverse environments trouble free
  • • Easy capacity expansion when required
  • • More secured and faster controlling and monitoring

SCADA System Features

  • • Continuous and simultaneous monitoring for some parameters of energy such as voltage, current, etc.
  • • Monitoring analogue metrics such as temperature, pressure, ph and demonstrating them graphically
  • • Monitoring and controlling of all motors, valves, switches within the facility
  • • Immediate detection of any failure and report it as message
  • • Reporting the past as daily, monthly
  • • Monitoring and controlling of the status of purifying process in industrial facility


EKS turnkey automation projects’ design and application, assembly and commissioning, revision and maintaining; SCADA and PLC systems’ design and software preparing; MCC and PLC panels’ design and project design, panels’ assembly and commissioning are totally performed within EKS organization.