Factory Automation

Today, factories are required to produce more in less time and to hold product costs to a minimum. To ensure this, it is necessary to reduce human power as well as to minimize failures and accidents. So, automation systems are very important and valuable.

After automation applied, factory can be monitored and any location can be controlled from a single center. Analogue values such as temperature, pressure, ph can be monitored simultaneously. These values also can be viewed graphically. Factory can be controlled with SCADA system, and can be monitored or controlled from any location worldwide via Internet.

Factory automation has a wide range of application area. It has processes that are different to each other. Therefore, any desired factory automation is designed conforming with factory’s workflow and within the frame of process that requiring EKS. The initial point of factory automation is the exactly defining desired process and scenario. Then, it can be determined the necessary types of instruments and usable techniques.

After preparing the required infrastructure and backbone of factory automation, electricity projects are prepared according to IEC (International Electrotechnical Commision) standards. Depending on prepared electrical project, PLC or DCS software are coded. Upon completing, software is installed on PLC or DCS. The system firstly is tested in any possible aspects in our factory. After testing, system is transported to facility. Electrical wiring jobs of motor, sensor, switch etc. are performed in factory. Also panel connections are finished. Then system is commissioned. After the controls, system run is traced.

Some application areas of factory automation include:

  • • Paper Manufacturing Facility
  • • Kiln Automation
  • • Pneumatic Transport System
  • • Dust Suppression and Filtration
  • • Liquid Detergent Facility
  • • Powder Detergent Facility
  • • Conveyor and Production Line
  • • Waste Water Purifying Facility
  • • Sand Drying Facility
  • • Oxygen Manufacturing Facility
  • • Vacuum Transport System



EKS turnkey automation projects’ design and application, assembly and commissioning, revision and maintaining; SCADA and PLC systems’ design and software preparing; MCC and PLC panels’ design and project design, panels’ assembly and commissioning are totally performed within EKS organization.