Machine Automation

From the beginning of mechanization period, a large scale of goods production and consumption is recorded worldwide. The machine consists of the mechanic hardware and the automation system that controls this hardware. As automation system being advanced, the machine becomes such reliable and efficient.

Upon machine designers completed the mechanic design and prepared the desired process, automation designing of the system starts. Depending on manufacturer’s requests, sensors, switches, transducers, commander devices to be used are selected and system is designed.

Some machine automations:

  • • Injection Machine Automation
  • • Cooking Machine Automation
  • • Sugar Cube Machine Automation
  • • Packaging Machine Automation
  • • Nutrient Machine Automation
  • • Textile Machine Automation



EKS turnkey automation projects’ design and application, assembly and commissioning, revision and maintaining; SCADA and PLC systems’ design and software preparing; MCC and PLC panels’ design and project design, panels’ assembly and commissioning are totally performed within EKS organization.